Green Generation

Green Generation is allows students to apply ecology content to real world problems, such as anthropogenic climate change. With our growing population and unsustainable farming methods, our environment is constantly at stake. How can you become part of the change? This class will not only help you visualize your impacts on your environment, but we believe that it is also a large leap to our goal of becoming part of the solution to global problems.

Meet your instructors
Ellie Hikima is a freshman at Wellesley College, majoring in Neuroscience. She graduated with Erin Camelon, her co-instructor, from Reedy High School, located in Frisco, TX. Ellie became an instructor at ScioVirtual in the summer of 2021 and is also a tutor for mathematics as well as English and Japanese to non-native speakers outside of camp. In previous seasons at ScioVirtual, Ellie has taught Biology Foundations and Intro to Chemistry. In her free time, she likes to play her violin with her quartet and listen to music.
Erin Camelon recently graduated from Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas, and will be attending UT Austin in the fall to study neuroscience on the pre-med track. Erin joined ScioVirtual last summer and has since taught Bio Lab and Intro to Chemistry. She has a love for all things science, and is passionate about life sciences, especially biology and environmental science, and is super excited to be teaching ecology this year! In her free time, she loves to listen to music and to play tennis!

Helpful Materials

Khan Academy

If you’re interested in a specific topic we discussed in class, you can learn about it more deeply here!


This is a great tool to explore all things science related. Feel free to visit the links below - the descriptions are suggestions, but feel free to explore further!

scroll down to Unit 10: Ecology
scroll down to Earth & Space Science Disciplinary Core Ideas
link to main page:)
  • Foundations: What’s your carbon footprint?
  • Population ecology and analyzing trends
  • Community ecology
  • Biodiversity in context and farming practices
  • Solutions to unsustainable farming practices, deforestation, and myth busters
  • How we can create change (day 1)



  • The Political Debate About Wolf Reintroduction (article)
click here for external link
Week 1 Movie Rec!


  • Tohoku Earthquake Video
  • Methylmercury Exposure and Developmental Outcomes in Tohoku Study of Child Development at 18 Months of Age (article)
click here!
  • The Need to Regulate CAFOs (article)
click me:)
  • Green Revolution video
  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Week 2 Movie Rec


  • Montreal Protocol
  • Light Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • The Greenhouse Effect

For fun, compare the videos below! How are they different and what can you conclude about some information you see in the media being misleading?

  • Hydraulic Fracturing vid 1
  • Hydraulic Fracturing vid 2
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals