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Ambitious students that are not challenged enough by school classes.

ScioVirtual was created and is run by college and high school students that were once in that same position.

Instead of being restricted to local resources, ScioVirtual connects younger students to be mentored by older students while learning in class with other similarly motivated students nationwide.

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Here are selected class materials made by our instructors. The content ranges from academic advice, science content, and external resources.

Science Olympiad

The hardest part about Science Olympiad is finding quality guides and practice specific to your event.

ScioVirtual is composed of accomplished high school and college volunteers that create quality resources.

Division B Events

Academic Advice (Get notified when released)

Find the best study strategies and extracurriculars to learn efficiently and challenge yourself.

Academic Olympiads (Get notified when released)

Academic Olympiads are prestigious competitions on specific science domains mainly for high schoolers.
Access guides from ScioVirtual’s faculty of national finalists.

Science Research (Get notified when released)

Learn how to get research from experienced student researchers.
Conducting research allows students to immerse themselves in real science discovery and investigation.

Other STEM Material (Get notified when released)

Science Bowl

Brain Bee



Science Bee

Outside of olympiads, many other rigorous STEM competitions exist.
Access guides from ScioVirtual’s faculty of national winners.
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