Ornithology (2020-2022)

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Course content was made from Ornithology lead faculty, including:
Olivia Lu, biology student at Brown University and NJ state Ornithology gold medalist. Olivia created the original Ornithology course and curriculum known for its engaging content, clear explanations, and fun atmosphere.
Sophia Xu, another gold medalist in Ornithology and co-teacher with Olivia. Sophia co-developed ScioVirtual’s Ornithology course and curriculum, creating a dynamic environment with both interactive slides and review games.
Allen Zhang, former WW-P South Science Olympiad treasurer and national Science Olympiad medalist. Allen is known for his comprehensive course materials and enthusiasm for zoology.

What is Ornithology?

Ornithology, the study of birds, is an ID event in Science Olympiad! Similar to other binder events, it is very important you have a thorough binder and you are able to efficiently retrieve information from it. You should also gain a general understanding of bird anatomy and be able to understand the difference between different birds. Below are some resources to help you construct your binder and gain a basic understanding of what you should know for the event.

General resources

Specific Topics

Presentation on common birds.
Vocab on bird characteristics, behavior, anatomy, etc. I recommend making flashcards with these terms!
Presentation on bird groups.
Folder with audio recordings of several bird species. Have a friend play the audio and test you on the bird!


Stations Practice